Hello Everyone, I want to learn python to become a game developer and I looking to learn python course online but I am confused about which course is good for a fresher point. I have worked on the python module also so I have basic knowledge about it. If anyone knows any good course where i can start learning? or any other resource for free version?

Rohan_15 commented: here are the simeple stepe +0

At the beginning you also have many other areas to learn from basic math to game theory. Are you taking courses in those areas as well?

As to free Python courses there are many online. I would use google to find them which is yet another skill you must develop.

Before starting to code you just need to be familiar with the basic of python, if you are a python developer then you can start with the below given procedure, If you are not a python developer then start with one of these courses.

Step 1: Hello Bunny
Step 2: Add Scenery
Step 3: Make the Bunny Move
Step 4: Turning the Bunny
Step 5: Shoot, Bunny, Shoot!
Step 6: Take Up Arms! Badgers!
Step 7: Collisions with Badgers and Arrows
Step 8: Add a HUD with Health Meter and Clock
Step 9: Win or Lose
Step 10: Gratuitous Music and Sound Effects!

This is the complete steps for creating a game though Python Programming.

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