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yes this is a class project.so how should i get started.

You get started by outlining what you need to do.

First, define the objective of the project; what is it intended to do?

Second, map out in pseudo code some of the methods/classes that you are anticipating needing.

Third, describe some of the potential things within the methods/classes that you are not completely sure about.

Fourth, try to implement your outline of pseudo code into real code. Do it in steps (ie, first do the main method, then compile, then do either the first method or class definintion, then compile, then start filling in the information needed in the class/method). This prevents lond debugging time that can be avoided by using a plan

Fifth, after going as far as you can go -- having a working program, ask for help regarding the things that you are not sure about. Do not ask for help before making an outline and going as far as you can.

If you want to write good software, have a plan for the destination of how you want to write your code. Bad programmers just try to jumble things together without having a working program and then often can't find the error.

Hope this helps

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