hi to everyone,
here is a minor problem I am facing. Any help/suggestions is dearly welcome.
I have an Excell file full of data and calculations. There are a few graphs as well. Now i want to open those Ghraphs (only) on certain VB windows.
I tried both the OLE option and the Picturebox option. In both ways the Graphs are displayed in VB windows alright. But in OLE, the problem is that there comes a Right-Click option that allows users to Edit the graph from the VB window itself. I don't exactly want this. These graphs are just for user-reference. The input/edit/update/delete in the actual Excel file is the adminstrator's job, or else should be manipulated through another VB window inviting users to input / edit specific data. I am not sure if it is possible the way I am trying it!
In picture box, it looks better, but the 'picture-graph' cant access the original file, hence any change in it is not shown on the graph. Is there any possible solution to this?
I am quite new in programming. Will love to hear from you, friends.

Hmn, I don't understand the problem with the picturebox.... you can make it load pictures from files and what not, right? Maybe we can make excel export the graph (and only the graph) to a file?