ok im getting angry because if i wana keep asking questions then i was told to get a book and read it but thats the problem the reason why i came to this website is besause i foud it verry usefull amd i cant bye a book and eaven if i do or get one from the library i dont understand it as well. i do stuff better on a one to one basis and i learn better that way and i use online tutorials as a back bone structure. i may seam like an idiot but im just trying to learn so im sorry i cant get a book but i would pleas like some help still. i feel preshered that i cant ask questions and it seams like everyone is being mean to me just because im ignorant abot this stuff and may seem arigent and a know it all but im really not like that. maby im overreacting or are worroring to much , yes i know im sencetive but still im just asking for help.

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I haven't read any of your posts to see what the problem is but it seems to me that if you are

1) Posting your code properly formatted
2) Using code tags
3) Explaining what is going wrong in understandable detail
4) Explaining what the code should do in understandable detail
5) Not making us guess what you are talking about
6) Not expecting to be taught by us (I believe we are here to help, not teach)

you should be having no problems.

I just looked at the last two questions you posted and I see a lot of help you've been given. Useful help.

Then you said


which is basically saying you refuse to communicate better and don't really care if half of us can't read your posts. I'm just going to assume you were frustrated and didn't mean to say that. Is that a correct assumption to make?

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Yes I think you are over-reacting a bit. Nobody thinks that you are an idiot, and if there is anyone who thinks that, it is (s)he who is the idiot.

Walt's advice is spot on. Summarizing, the basic idea is that this Forum is a "give and take" forum. You should be able to give something in order to get something back. When I say "give", that does not mean that you have to provide answers for other peoples questions, or that you need to donate if you want answers (although it would be nice).

"Give" means You should be considerate of the people who reads your questions and their lack of time to read a improperly formatted problem over and over again for it to make sense. The subject should be fairly descriptive of your problem (Not something like "Please help" or "Newbie needs help" ). The question should be formatted properly ( Use of capital simple letters, punctuations, correct spellings, code tags etc.). Possible error messages should be given. This is an often referred web page giving such advice.

If you can't buy a book, here is a good one for free. Download it and try to get as much as possible out of it yourself.
Good luck.

I am really sorry that you don't really feel at home on this nice forum. I do not know any of your posts, but I do believe that you could be a bit more precise with your spelling, punctuation etcetera.

I know not everyone is good at English, but if you show us that you don't even want to try (as shown in WaltPs post) it looks like you only want help, without doing too much yourselves.

Noone thinks you're a complete idiot, and if some people overreact everything may seem worse then it is.

Take my advice, and re-read your post for spelling errors and punctuation before you post. It will help to get an answer that's usefull.

Greetz, Eddy

Thanks people i was in a bad mood yeasterday and i just read your coments and i feel better. It also gave me more insite in the real world. Now i understand how it would be if i had that atitude in the real world. sush as aplying for a job of something, then i probably wouldn't make it because of the grammar stuff etc so ok im ready to coopperate and stuff thanks for everything.

1) Posting your code properly formatted

um WaltP whats haveing your code properly formatted mean?

actually any one can answer that for me thanks

POsting your code properly means :

1) List the basic logic and the purpose of your program ie what it is supposed to achieve.

2) List the unexpected behaviour that your program is displaying and if you are getting errors list the log file of errors.

3) Properly indent the code to make it desirable to read.

4) Enclose the code in


tags while posting your code.

Hope it helped, bye.

um WaltP whats haveing your code properly formatted mean?

Aside from code tags, It also helps using a clear & consistant coding style, and having it properly indented (something which your IDE will probably do for you). Things like that will not only help other people read your code, but also help you read it, and spot basic mistakes (such as a missing bracket or semicolon etc).

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