I'm Taking a Class on Java at my Highschool, but my teacher goes very slow and I need a quicker pace. Could anybody so kind as to give me a list of simple classes and commands so that I could work with them.

Also does anybody know a Good program to use to create java programs.

Were using the Ready to Program program in class but unfortunetly it costs money.

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I'd suggest you try here, the Sun Microsystems Java Turorial index. It fairly good. Also, here is a link for the NetBeans Integrated Development Environment (also a Sun Microsystems product) which is freeware and very good. It is a rather large download though (about 60 meg for the offline version), so maybe ask your Teacher if he/she can get it for you.

Thanks this will help me alot.

and remember your teacher goes slow for a very good reason: going fast will make most people miss important things, and that includes you.

You may jump ahead only to find out later you've forgotten over half of what you were supposed to have learned.
Learning is all about long term memory retention, not short term cramming for some test or exam.

hi there, i need to learn java fast and well, any sugestion??


I'm using eclipse, also freeware. I like it more than netbeans. Also you can plug in allmost all other languages you maybe want to learn later. When I learned to program they made us start with textpad. For a good reason, you will learn to debug your code and will get an better understanding how to structure code if you do not have feature which generate methods for you. So you might think about starting with a low level editor first. For the learning fast thing, the web is full of sample code for classes you can study with lots of good tutorials. Just google it and to allmost everything something will come up. To distinguish between good stuff and bad stuff is part of the learning process. If the code is to messy to understand switch to a better version.

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