HI Java people,

Its great to finally find a forum where i can increase my experience of programming in Java and hopefully other programming languages. Am a student and playing with programs makes my day. Fustration is also a brother i know.

I currently have an assignment which am working on. Its crazy! A BillExpress class that allows cusotmers to pay Electric, water, gas and phone bills. Each of these being classes on their own. A customer account class keeps customer details. It looks daunting but will get there.

Can anyone give suggestions on possible solutions to this?

Keep coding.......

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Sounds rather simple.
Start with a piece of paper and write down what each class is and what it's supposed to do.
Translate that into fields and methods for each class.

That's your initial design, and you make it on paper with a pencil for a very good reason: it prevents you from being tempted to dive right into the code and start hacking.

When programming, always start thinking before you start typing. That will solve over half the problems many (especially inexperienced) programmers experience.

Hi jwenting,

Thanks for the reply. You are so right. I've done what i can for now but rather dissapointed in myself that i did not complete the assignment. I would like to upload it so you and others can have a look but seem to be having difficulties doing that. Tried to zip it up. Anyway will keep trying cos i would really appreicate your input and others as well. Had to submit it as it was and hope i pass. Thanks again!

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