I'm trying to convert a Java code into Python. I could adapt most of the code, however, it is difficult to me to link all the functions. The java code is used in Weka. I would like a stand-alone python code. The algorithm in the code is presented in this paper: https://www.cs.waikato.ac.nz/~eibe/pubs/alternating_model_trees_sac.pdf. Pseudocodes are Algorithm 3 and 4. I would like to predict m number of instances using this input data:

array([[41.4049364, 41.4049656, 41.4049938, 41.4050204, 41.4050453,
        41.4050682, 41.4050895, 41.4051093, 41.4051278, 41.4051453,
        41.405162 , 41.405178 , 41.4051935, 41.4052089, 41.4052242],
       [ 2.177356 ,  2.1773926,  2.1774287,  2.1774638,  2.1774975,
         2.1775296,  2.1775597,  2.1775874,  2.1776125,  2.1776344,
         2.177653 ,  2.1776678,  2.1776785,  2.1776849,  2.1776865]])

Here the codes:


Please, I need a hand on this. Thank you in advance.

You might not get replies due to how wide your request was. That is, you seem to be asking for others to complete your work. Next time narrow this down to a specific and small problem to solve rather than the whole project.

Plus your link to the code requires a login. Not a great way to start.

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