Write a class template that inputs the index of the array and displays the value in the specified index

Dumping an assignment to a post without at least saying that is what you are doing isn't the most polite way to start a conversation, especially if you don't show any of your own effort to solve the problem.

It also isn't the safest approach, since plenty of professors regularly search the web to catch students doing things such as this (or more often, they get their TAs and grad students to do it for them).

There are websites where they will do your homework for you, at least for a fee. This isn't one of those sites.

So, try to solve it yourself, and if you get stuck, let us know what you've tried and we'll see if we can help you then. This may be difficult, given the rather minimal and poorly-specified assignment, but it is your assignment, not any of ours.

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