any1 have any guidance with coding email attachments, like that in the email textbox, like underlined filenames so that when its clicked, it opens that file...using vb6.

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For sending e-mail attachments, or do you mean once you have downloaded the e-mail messages from a pop3 or imap server, you want to have a link to the attachment (which, at this point, should be a local file). What exactly are you doing?

just simply a textbox where u can add filenames(separated by semi-colon), say from dialog box or anywhere, which should be underlined like a link, so that when u click on that filename/link, it opens the file, like its done in email attachment. am i getting thru?

So basically you want the App to open the underlined / selected file using the appropriate program ? Use the ShellExecute API function.

definitely what i wanna do and as i'm just a beginner in vb6, ideas are gr8ly welcomed. any example available on how to read a filename, underline it as a link, so its easy to open! or sumthing along that line.

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