Guys, I have a problem. I want to locate my database directory so taht i can connect to it ok. I decalred a variable in the general part of the form and used commonDialog object to have open file dialog and get the Full directory name using CommonDialog.fileName property.

But here is the big problem. I want to set this up to the user only ok since i am the only (autherized) one who can set this up because i made my project with user accounts. So, I want to set the database directory only once and after that the user can use the program normally without the need to set up the database directory every time.

But i do not know how to make this variable does not disapear.

is that possible ? Is there any way to do that? Any comments?

You mean, if they choose a database.... close the program, and then open the program up again, you want the database to still be the same... right?