Hey! I was just wondering if it was possible to make a type of "search engine" using VB. What I want to do is be able to type in something (song title), and find the matching song lyrics stored somewhere.. and have it display them? Is that possible? If so, what would be the basic approach and doing that? Any help would be great, any ideas would be great!

Thanks yall for reading this!

-Kyle ;)

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You would need to use a database storing all of the names of songs and song lyrics. I think the easiest way is with an Access database. But you would need to own Microsoft Access to do that.

yeah as cscgal said you would want to set up a database and search the database with a query to do this. if you dont own access you could always use mysql i believe they have that for windows but im not 100% and access it thru that and mysql is free so if they do have a windows version it would be alot cheaper :)

so it wouldn't be as easy as just making everything a variable and doing if ____ is typed then display ________?

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