hello all the members,

i'm new to .net and i want code for a window application in c# for entering the userid and password in windows form

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then do it, you seem to know what you need, just implement it. And if you get stuck post some code.

Could be as simple as....

if(tbUserName.Text != "username") //Textbox names tbUserName
MessageBox.Show("Wrong user name"); //show message

That is as basic as it comes ;).

@bestonearth - where are you going to compare userid and password? Code or Database? Be specific in asking help.

@jaryle - incorrect thread to post

Hi i am also in need of the code for the UserID and password.
i want it to be retrieved from the database then compared to the one entered by the user on the login form.
eg: validation of the user name and password..
Please help, i just started programming

@Abby2012 please make a new thread instead of hi-jacking this dead one and someone will help.

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