I've encountered the following problem:
Our program has two parts - the algorithm which is written in python (with numeric), and the GUI written in java.
We want them to be able to work together - that means that the java part could ask the python for a calculation and than the python could ask for the data(from the java), run for a while and eventually return the result.

We have looked into a couple of solutions:
jython - seems to be the right way of doing it, but it appears to be a dying technology, especially jnumerical.
mod_python - appears a bit heavier and not exactly aimed for our purpose, but seems to do the job.
writing a client-server ourselves - would work, but it will be a lot of hard work.
we also started to look into jep, and we don't have anything to say about it.

(I've forgot to mention it, but we work on windows)

Have anyone of you encountered this situation? have anyone tried one of these solutions or can recommend other solutions?
what is the current status of jython/jnumerical?

Thanks, Benny.

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