I got a Link error 1181 with fresh code from source safe. It is looking for a dll that is in the windows/system32 directory and cannot find it.

Linker Tools Error LNK1181
cannot open input file "filename"

The linker tool could not find "filename" because it does not exist or the path was not found.

So how do I set the path to it?

I do not see amy sort of system path in MSCONFIG to set.

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linkers do NOT link with *.dll files, but link with *.lib files. What, specifically, is "filename"? Is that something you just made up for posting purposes or is that what the linker actaully put in the error message?

>I do not see amy sort of system path in MSCONFIG to set.
Nor should there be. c:\windows\system32 is not intended for development purposes and there is nothing in that directory that your compiler will ever need.

The file that the code is tryong to link to is CdrvHF32.lib

I think you need VC++ 6.0 compiler installed. I have 2005 express and it isn't in there. Nor is the *.dll in the c:\windows directory. So I suspece you are just SOL with that program and your compiler.

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