Included file not found during compile time.

This must be an easy question for you to answer.

I have a header file (basetsd.h) that is located in the
C:\Program Files\Microsooft Visual Studio\VC98\Include

Where do I set the path to this header file? I don't want to hard code it in my cpp file (which is what the last programmer who worked on this project did).

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If you are using VC++ 6.0 compiler the path should already be set. Look in menu Tools --> Options --> Directories -->Include Files. There you will find the path. If it isn't there then you need to put it there. Should have been set during the compiler's install, but maybe you accidentially deleted it.

just in case, you might wanna try either adding or subtracting the ".h"'s in your include's. that helps, but if you are used to that compiler, then ignore me. (I constantly am forced to switch b/w VS2k5 and Dev-C++)

basetsd.h isn't a standard header file, as you can find out by googling it. Therefore dropping the .h wouldn't help much; only the standard C++ header files have no extension. Of course, you're free to call the header basetsd without a .h; but there's no reason to believe that the programmer did so.

Both of the compilers you mentioned should support no-.h standard C++ header files.

actually, Dev requires the .h's sometimes, so it confuses me every once in a while...

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