hi every body..

i need to write a vb programm which i can take the user input and calculate the summution of it ..

the input must be charachters .. i'll give every one a value .. i know how to do this part .. i have a problem just in taking the input and devide it to calculate it !!

i wish that what i said clear enough to get your help ..

or i'll try to explain it more as i can ..

thanx ;)

Hello, I am not really sure what you mean? But you can grab userinput via the control's text property.

IE: Me.txtTest.Text

Hi ..
finally some one :sad:
thank u :cheesy:

i need just to know how to devide the input -cuz tje input will be in arabic - so it gonna need to be devided to give the summution of the input ..

should i add the input to an array ?!:rolleyes:

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