Hi, I'm doing a VC++ project, which requires me to create multiple CWnd objects and put them into one dialog box for viewing. For example, I need to create 100 buttons with 1-100 written on them, and put them into one dialog box. Of course the dialog box can't show them all at once, so there need to be a scroll bar of some sort for the user to drag and view all the buttons. However after fumbling around hours after hours and reading some reference books, I can't find the method to accomplish the above mentioned task. I figure there may be some kind of "container" object to place on the main dialog box to contain all those text buttons, and to browse them with a scroll bar, but I can't find such "container" object anywhere.

Anyone can help on this? Thanks! :confused:

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derive the class from CFormView instead of CDialog and MFC will put scroll bars on it and handle them appropriately for you.

Thanks a lot for the reply, I have tried CFormView and this is what I get. I have set the CFormView with vertical scrollbar but it just doesn't show up :confused:




It's really frustrating :sad: Could you please provide some links to examples or code or explain some more? Thanks a lot again!


attached is a quicky example that I created with VC++ 2005 Pro. I did similar with VC++ 6.0 but did not attach it. There is nothing special about the project, just created a normal MFC project and set the view type to CFormView.

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