I have a group project of designing the old board game "CLUE" in my C++ class that can be played by 1 person against the computer. If someone would help me get started it would help a bunch. I think this could be a neat project, but have no clue as to how to get it started.

Maybe this link will help you in formulating the problem statement

First decide on the kind of depth you want to achieve in your game, how your game is goign to interact with the user, the input received by the game and the output. Then make a rough sketch or an algorithm on how are you going to plan the implementation. If using C++ decide on the classes you think are important to the domain and the kind of variables present in the classes.

Move from most logical solution to the most indepth solution, split the implementation into logical modules. Start with the highest abstraction and then decide on the implemetation details of each chunk or module of the hierarchy. Good design methodology and designing is the key to handling projects and if done wisely then the implementation just reduces to the mechanical process of code writing and testing.

HOpe it helped, bye.