i have a xml document from which i must get the following things, Riigi_nimi, pindala of it and rahvaarv
with the riigi_nimi and pindala i have no problems, but i can't get the program to print rahvaarv, i just can't find a way to copy it into a new string:-| .
coding i have used so far is(never mind the weard symbols, it is just really hard to put everything into english is in the attachement

can you give some small tips what should i do?
i have attached the fails, xml opens only in mozilla or just open with some editig program

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my object is to get all the info printed out, and when i have managed that i can continue with my project.
i hope you can help me, i'm very new to c++

Here is a corrected version. All the info gets printed out. But I don't know about any side-effects.

thank you very much, this helps me out a lot, and the side effects can be taken care of i hope :D

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