can anyone please send me a simple graphcal program written i C.

i found this but it doesnt work

/* Simple program to illustrate use of a dialog box */
    /* Define default values: */

    int n = 0;
    float x = 0.0;

    /* Define contents of dialog window */

    create_int_dialog_entry("n", &n);
    create_float_dialog_entry("x", &x);

    /* Create window with name "Setup" and top-left corner at (0,0) */

    set_up_dialog("Setup", 0, 0);

    /* Display the window and read the results */


    /* Print out the new values */

    printf("n = %d, x = %f\n", n, x);

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What is it supposed to do?


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Your code what does it do?

Oh and what external library are you using to handle a GUI interface?

Do you have the adequate library for this code?

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