I've written a nifty projectile simulator using pygames with the livewires wrapper for physic class: rocket on launch pad has assignable speed and direction, launching causes rocket to move under influence of gravity.

Currently, the user can use the mouse to change the initial direction of the rocket, but the initial speed is changed only by the up or down arrow keys. I would *love* to be able to use the mouse scroll ability to do the same.

Does anyone have experience capturing events using Livewires?

Jeff Cagle

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Can you let us know what Livewires is?

Can you let us know what Livewires is?


Sorry! The book I'm working with is called Python Programming for the Absolute Beginner, by Michael Dawson.

In it, he makes use of Pygames -- a fairly well-known package, I think -- and a wrapper around Pygames called livewires. The source of livewires is


However, based on your question, I take it that it's rather obscure. So I withdraw the question. :mrgreen:


Thanks Jeff, I think they are the same folks that used a wrapper around Tkinter they called graphics. Last year we had some questions from students at a university in Florida using this wrapper. I wonder if you couldn't just bite the bullet and use pygame directly, would make the code a lot more portable.

Since pygame is a wrapper around SDL, you would have used a wrapper around a wrapper. This could get oneself rather wrapped up!

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