I need help with RPGIV . Im taking a class in school and the teacher and books suck. Can you point me to a site or 2 with RPG basics.
I just need help navigating the whole as/400 pdm thing and a reference to keywords and shortcuts. The syntax and IDE are killing me, i can do other languages great but this, this sucks.
Any help would be nice, its half way thru the semster and I understand very little.

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Just curious, how did the course go?

Check out www.systemiportal.com. This is a site where you can pretty much find everything related to the System i (as/400, iseries, now i5) and RPGIV. You can use the search function to find forums, blogs, articles, code, etc. The forums at www.systeminetwork.com are very active in the area of RPG.


given his attitude (blaming his inability to learn something on his teacher automatically in his very first sentence is always a good indicator) I don't think he'll have gotten much out of that course.

wow. bringing bad an old thread lol. I did fine in the class.

But, to the above claiming I was 'blaming (my) inability to learn something on his teacher'
way to go an miss interpret my words and try and make me look stupid.

Its not that I had a problem learning it, but the problem was that my teacher didnt give us any material to *start* learning. I had no way of learning this language on my own because i could not find any references and the language it self looks completely foreign to other languages ive used. Simply, how can you learn if you have nothing to learn from?

I'm glad you did well in the class. I've taught RPG before myself and I do understand what you mean about it being foreign and also that the teacher certainly has to be prepared. The language has continued to evolve and finally enabled free format .. which brings it a little closer to other popular languages. It's still a very useful language but only on one platform. As I tell those coding in RPG .. it's one tool but you better have other tools as well. I knew the post was old, but after I joined and saw the post, I just wanted to know how it went.

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