I need to do a lookup to a table in Oracle from a dll. Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this line:

pRs->Open(ptrQuery, "DSN=MY_DSN;UID=MY_ID;PWD=MY_PWD;",
adOpenForwardOnly, adOpenReadOnly, adCmdText);

The code compiles without error, but when invoked by the target application, the application errors out. (It works fine when not calling the dll.)

I can get text output past the instantiation of pRs so I don't think there's an error with getting the resultset. However, there is no text output after the Open call.

I can output ptrQuery to a text file and it looks correct.

The DSN has also been defined on the server, and the user actually has read/write access to the table -- though we want to deploy with just read access (hence use of adOpenReadOnly).

Is there something wrong with the other parameters?


Oops replied in the wrong thread. Never ever thought that my search would actually give a thread from this forum posted way before & I would accidentally reply to it.


I got this from google. Hope this is what you want.

If you are already half way in your project its up to you to start from scratch.

As I said before poly alphabetical substitution & transpositions can be effective as well.