I am currently developing a Snake game with multiplayer support(Not Network based) with unlimited no of players(ok limited by the keys and RAM and processor speed but not restricted).

I developed a nice concept of key maps to load all controller information into memory and handle it there.This works just fine.

Right now it's on version 0.5a and you can get it at http://www.xlock.cjb.net
I still hav not added the configuration editor so you can only use 2 player and single player.Try it out,it does not crash or cause problems.I just need help to improve it's memory mangement.

The game works just fine with proper speed and all but it crashes with an abnormal termination error if I use fstream.It also will quit if i use new to allocate memory for the snake(the blocks).
Both are only a problem if is use them after i enter mode 13.

The current work around is loading all the needed memory into a linked list and popping it when it is required.This is quite a waste.And linmits the max score you can get.

I use Borland C++ 5.02.I complie the exe with DOS(Standard) and Huge Memory Mode,with Class Library and Floating Point Support.

Currently I load all the key maps into memory before entring mode 13.

1.A safe way to read data from a file after entring mode 13 <very important>
2.Use dynamic memory allotement after entring mode 13 <not very important>