Method Overloading means more than one function have a same name but different signature. Signature includes following things:

-> Number of Arguments.
-> Types of Arguments.
-> Sequence of Arguments.

Method overloading is Compile Time Polymorphism. Read This tutorial to understand examples in Java.

Read this tutorial to under stand how polymorphism is archived through Method Overloading.

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you're kidding, right? the OP didn't even ask a question in his post, so why guessing what the question might have been and providing an answer that might very well be an answer to a wrong question?
next to that, you may (or may not) have noticed that ayan (the OP) started this thread in 2006, and it was his only post ever, which makes it very unlikely that he'll check in soon to read your reply.

there's no need to revive dead threads, just try and stick to the current active ones or start a new one.

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