Hello Guys!
I am preparing for SCJP certification and looking for good study material on the Web like SCJP model tests, sample questions and tutorials etc. Please help me out by sending some links related to this certification.


If you absolutely need to pass these tests, and it sounds like you do, check out this dump site www.testking.biz

You can take tons of sample exams with questions that are almost the exact ones you'll be taking for the Certification test.

Please Note: I highly recommend you take the time to learn the material for practical use. If you don't it will only hurt you in the end. After all, your career will judge you on how well you do your job rather than how many certified pieces of paper you own. I know where you're coming from though. Certifications are a great way to get your foot in the door. Whether it be Programming certs, MCSE, Cisco certs, Exchange certification, etc. Everyone needs an edge so I recommend getting certified for those starting out. But please, LEARN the material as well.

Good Luck!