I intend on creating, or at least simulating, Artificial Intelligence in a birthday gift I am making in python. The basic package is planned to be a multi-purposed program mostly concerned with entertaining. I am attempting to create Sally, the programs 'brain' if you will. Basic Idea came from the sci-fi shows where commanders talk to their ships computer. I want to make Sally as interactive as possible, hopefully with a little bit of ability to learn, or at least, adapt. I don't really mind if all i end up doing is creating a really convincing illusion of A.I., as long as it works.
My main desire is to create a program within the program where she can actually 'instant message' Sally, and have intelligable responses.
The idea came from a website I found that had God in a chat room with you and you actually chatted back and forth. It was rather convincing.
So any ideas or a step in the right direction?

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Hi Mruane!

I think you and I are working on similar projects! My A.I. Experimentation is for a mobile robot though. I too want to simulate A.I. and learning for my robot, NINA.


It would be cool to make a A.I named Dorthy like from the games Galarians lol i wish i could help you in some way but i dont know anything about it

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