I am experimenting (playing around) with the Python Tkinter Gui, and wondered if there is a way to play a sound like from a .wav or .au file?

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To play sound on a Tkinter application you can use the module winsound. This module however works only on Windows computers. If you want to be more cross platform you can just combine Tkinter and PyGame ...

# play a sound on key press

from Tkinter import *
from pygame import mixer

def on_key(event):
    # detect any normal key press (0..9, A..Z, a..z)
    if event.char == event.keysym:
        if event.char == '1':
            # play the sound instance
        if event.char == '2':

prompt = 'Press key 1 or 2 to play a sound'

# initialize the pygame mixer

# pick sounds you have ...
# copy to working directory or indicate full path
    # create the sound instances
    d1 = mixer.Sound("boing.wav")
    d2 = mixer.Sound("beep.wav")

    prompt = "Error: Sound file not found"

root = Tk()
label1 = Label(root, text=prompt, width=len(prompt), bg='yellow', fg='red')
label1.bind_all('<Key>', on_key)

# start the event loop

You can download PyGame free from:

I downloaded and installed Pygame, got some of my soundfiles into the working directory and adjusted the sound file names in the program. Now it works great! Thank you!

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