Dear ALL,

Iam a PHP programmer and I have one year experience in php programming. Now I would like to study PERL and its features.
can any PERL prorammer let me know the good tutorial or URL for studying PERL. Really its helpful for me.....
Thanks in advance....

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Hello KevinADC,

Thanks for your nice reply. I have been viewing the URL for perl tutorial. Really I thanks to you for such a easy understanding tutorial given to me.


Yes, Indeed its a good book to start with. Books from Orielley are also worth reading :-)



download perl and all the documentation comes with it. Just about everything on perldoc should be or is included with perl. Then you can read all that stuff on your local computer without having to be online.


Care for a bookmark dump? I've got all kinds of neat things related to Perl, having just written a report on it.

Let me recommend The Camel Book, or "Programming Perl 3rd Edition" by Larry Wall (language inventer), Tom Christensen and Jon Orwant. The first three chapters will get you a good jumpstart on using Perl.

I did not find it difficult to go from PHP to Perl, but I had the Camel Book to help.

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