hye guys
plz help me
i need to run following java commands but in console
CPU // printall CPU Registers ( GENERAL purpose Registers , Speical Purpose Registers, Program Counter & flag)

KILL // Kill process Id
Load // Load a process and suspend it untill teh user resumes it using run process command the OS will print the process id of th newly loaded process so that user can resume it
Mem Detail // show process memory dump
Display PCB //display teh PCB of the selected process
Free Frames // show the frame numbers and location of free frames

Allocated Frames //show the process id n frame numbers of all alloacated frames
Rum All // run all(ready) process
Shut Down // shut down the operating system

plz palz help me
i nened it aeap for ma project
thankz in adv

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Those are not Java commands.

ya i knw but i hav to make the code of these commands in java
but em not gettingany clue for it
can ay bdy help me out in making such code or if any body hav o plz simply post me baq


Most of these are also not the type of things Java should be used for, as the majority of them would require a Runtime.exec call. And those, almost always, defeat the purpose of using Java.


not really. You could use JNI or some mechanism for IPC to talk to special written native services.

But I agree, Java isn't the language of choice for such things.

And the next person who wants to clear my console window is going to get it bad, it's MY console window, not his.

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