Hi Everyone! I am supposed to be writting a program that will run from the web. I created a short program to see if I could use linux by uploading the file to my public_html and then using putty to change it to a .cgi file but nothing is working. When I try to run it from the web by creating the url I get an error message and when I open my account URL and try to click on the cgi link I get another error message. Any suggestions would help because I'm doing a final and this is where I"m supposed to start and if I can't get this I don't know how I'm going to write the program!!! And if I didn't explain this very well please ask me questions and hopefully I can explain better!!!

Without your code I don't think people would be really keen to help you.

what is the error message? have you granted yourself permissions in the directory that contains the cgi program and the program itself to run the program?

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