hello to all
could you please help me to solve the problem.
i want to make a accounting based software for bank.
i deal three type of banking work sheets
1: cash received sheet
2: cash paid sheet
3: transfer sheet

cash received sheet
received cash from banks branch .

cash paid sheet
in cash paid sheet we use cash debit vouchers having head transcation code , date , amount( figures and words) signature ( two persons)

Transfer sheet

used four types of vouchers

1: debit vouchers
2: credit vouchers
3: credit advice
4: debit advice

Credit / Debit vouchers:
contains head transcation code, date amount ( figures and words) signature (two persons)

Credit / Debit Advice

Advice Number
originating branch , code, transcation code, date, amount ( figures & words)

responding branch code, transcation code, signatures( two persons)

NOTE: in debit / credit advices two types are used:

if i create SF-180 original is created with 3 copies (total 4)
if i create SF-179 original is created with 2 copies( total 3)

Guyz pleae response me as soon as possible and provide me complete project having code and designing forms.


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