I am using the Kdevelop IDE on Fedora core 5 32 bit Linux to learn c++ programming, but the funny thing is I can't figure out as how to set up the IDE in such a way that it gives me the option of syntax highlighting and automatic code completion something similar to other IDEs. Please have a look at the image attached to this thread, which which I found somewhere on the net to make it easier for people to understad as what exactly I am looking for. It is also here.


Please help me set up the right enviornment and the right way of using it. Thanks..

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there u go a good artical on Kdevelop configuration




Thanks a lot for the reply. Appreciated. I have just opened the Kdevelop interface to make my first C++ program. I think all I need to do first of all is click on the Project menu and then select New Project. Then click on the All Projects tab. This shows two options C and C++. So selectd C++ and it expanded giving more options underneath it such as CMake Based Project, Embedded, GTK, KDE, Kdevelop, QMake Project, wxWidgets. I selectd the QMake Project option and it expanded giving some more options underneath such as Simple ClanLib Application, Simple Hello World Program, Simple ncurses Hello World Program etc. I chose "Simple Hello World Program". Then I gave an application name like "first" and location of the file. Is this is right way of starting the Kdevelop interface? Please let me know. Thanks.

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