i have installed djgpp through a cd ( it also has some software called Knoppix... don't know what to do with that... does anyone know?)

so here is my problem:

i made a c++ program on notepad and saved it with .cpp extension... now how do i compile it?

do i need to run dos?

plz help...

Easiest answer would be to download dev from bloodshed. Wack the text from the notepad file in there and hit the compile run button.

but i have to compile it using djgpp .. i think it has gcc and gpp

so... how do i compile?


No idea, I have winxp.

i also hav winxp

i have to compile it using djgpp .. it has gcc and gpp

so... how do i compile?



you could start by reading the manual, it usually contains instructions to do things like use the product.
If you can't read, you might want to have someone sign you up for classes to learn that first.

Where did you put the djgpp?

i put djgpp here:


all the files such as gcc.exe, gpp.exe are here


In that case I'd copy and paste your .c file into the C:\DJGPP\bin

Then I would:

1. Click start, all program, accessories, command prompt.

2. Type in cd C:\DJGPP\bin

3. Press enter

4. Then type in gcc hello.c -o hello.exe

thanks tried that ... it worked!!! cool

Rember that's just a cheap and dirty way to get it to work. You have to set up your environment settings properly, read the manual or summat.

If you don't want to through all that crap, you could download something like devshed or visual studio, where all you need to do is press the nice shiny compile and run button.