Hi all.

Is Visual Basic same as VBA?
I need to do my final year project in Excel using VBA.
The project is in such a way that i can generate curves using Excel.
I have been searching for the samples source code for cosine, sine and FFT source code, but to no avail. :sad: Could anyne please advise me on this? Thanks in advance.

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i see..
so VBA is visual basic applications, whereas VB is only visual basic.
are the two consider as the same progamming language? is the source code for VB is applicable for VB? coulrd you recommend me some sites where i can get the free source code? i'm sorry, because i'm really new very little about programming stuff. thanks alot for your reply ;)


Hi all
it's me again.

I'd like to ask if you can recommend me some useful sites for VBA beginner (with no knowledge of VBA at all)? In addition to that, i also need some websites that can guide me to undestand the syntax in the source code. need to understand certain source code quite urgently you see. Thanks.



i would like to know how can i access MS Word file in my visual basic application form. Iam describing my logic below,
An VB application form with a command button; when i click on the command button, i need to open the already saved MS Word Document.
Would you please help me for that.

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