guys, i am making a program in java. i have to use a sorting agoritm. i manage to get some from the internet
but it seems that they are too technical and hard to understand and i dont know where to put them and how to use them.
here is my codes!please help me on where i will put the sorting algo..
import javax.swing.*;
public class StudGrade {
public static void main(String args[]) {
String sGrade="";
int grade[] = new int [11];
for(int iGrade=1;iGrade<11;iGrade++)
sGrade=JOptionPane.showInputDialog("Student "+iGrade);
String output2="";
String output = "Students\tGrades\n";
float sum = 0;
float average=0;
for (int counter = 1;counter<grade.length;counter++)
//can you also please help me on how i can modify this following codes using for loop?:mrgreen:
sum = grade[1]+grade[2]+grade[3]+grade[4]+grade[5]+grade[6]+grade[7]+grade[8]+grade[9]+grade[10];
average = sum/10;
output +="\nStudent "+counter+"\t"+grade[counter];
//after sorting, i should display the lowest and the highest grade in the list, also a problem:mrgreen:
output2 = "\t\n\nThe average grdae is : "+average+"\nThe highest grade is : " +"\nThe lowest grade is : ";
JTextArea outputArea = new JTextArea();
JOptionPane.showMessageDialog(null, outputArea);
here is the sample of the sorting algo, the bubble sort.please give me an example of a program that uses sorting algo
and i will work on it.i may be not become a good programmer,i want to be one.
class BubbleSort2Algorithm extends SortAlgorithm {
void sort(int a[]) throws Exception {
for (int i = a.length; --i>=0; ) {
boolean flipped = false;
for (int j = 0; j<i; j++) {
if (stopRequested) {
if (a[j] > a[j+1]) {
int T = a[j];
a[j] = a[j+1];
a[j+1] = T;
flipped = true;
if (!flipped) {
i am an IT diploma student in a small town in philippines. guys, any help from you will be fully appreciated.
///////////////////////////////////////////////:cheesy: ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

".i may be not become a good programmer,i want to be one."

Wrong attitude. Why should we help someone becoming a bad programmer? There are more than enough bad programmers already...

As to examples of programs using sorting algorithms, just look around you.
You find sorted lists of stuff everywhere.

sorry for the attitude! tnx anyway! longlive!

".i may be not become a good programmer,i want to be one."
what i mean is, i may not become good in programming, not a bad progrmmer. sorry coz what ive written is not clear

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