I want to use an MS Access Database as a back-end.

I am trying to:
Use data in one field (column) of my Access database as the items in a listbox

Example, "Customer #" is a field in my database, i want to show all of the customer numbers in a dropdown.

I need help from the database connection, to displaying items in one field of my database in a listbox.

Is there anybody out there that knows how to do this??? Please help.

P.S. I am trying to somehow be able to input a customer number, and have my VB program display some other info about that record (other columns). if you have a suggestion overall of a better way to do this than a listbox I am open to suggestions.

in the "server explorer" tootlbar , right click to make a new conection and dataset and point it to your Access database - make sure you choose Jet as your data provider. Then you should just be able to set the comboiboxes datasource property to that table.