Hi I'm in 8th Grade and I'm thinking of trying to get into IT tech before the end of there year so that I can say I was in college before I went into highschool. Can you guys/girls give me an idea as of what you do in 1st or 2nd year. I helped some people from there when they had problems on their homework. I am Intermediate at visualbasic.net and I haven't even looked yet.

Also Can you give me a semi long term project you might have had that I can try to work on and maybe give it to u for u to see later when I finish. I have no long term projects right now, only a bunch of little projects.

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Everybody has to add all the faces once in their life.

Try going to rentacoder or something similar and look at what projects are there. find one you like and go for it.

thank you. BTW
I am already working for someone on rentacoder lol.

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