I am new to programming.. ( yes i'm another newb)
I 'm working on a small database project. I want to add the ability to read barcodes. I have read other posts and have been a great help.
I would like the input from the barcode reader to generate a new record. I'm not dealing with a warehouse situation, so each barcode represents one item, there are no duplicates
I don't know what type of barcode scanner that will be used, or if one would be used at all. So the user would need to also be able to input the barcode number from the keyboard.

Can someone point me in the right direction?


Create an interface which will allow the user to enter the data which has to be dumped into the database. Create a table suiting your needs.

Accept data from the user through the form, open a recordset to the table, dump the data accepted by the user in the table at the click of the add button. That's it.