i have written a small application in vb, and i want to write a installation program, so as if we click on setup file my application should start installing, and even i want to detect other hard drives that exsits on the system and want to copy the application backup file into a backup directory.
how its done.. can anybody help me in this regard..
i am waiting for ur tips and help regarding this issue...

is it in the visual basic 6 or VB.NET? version

Both have wizards to do this

its in vb 6.0
can u help in this regard

i am waiting for ur reply....:eek:

some editions of VB6 can make an installer by going to:

Start -> Microsoft Visual Basic 6 -> Visual Basic Tools -> Package and deployment wizard

(See screenshots)

If you dont have this then choose File -> Make (projectname).exe
then find this .exe file and use one of the many freeware installers

Thank you....
i will try it ...

did it work?

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