I am running my application over websphere. Application consists of fronthand and backhand.But when I make changes in backhand i need to restart my server which takes too much time .My whole backhand is in .jar file and fronthand is in .ear package. This is automatically created during build process in eCareLsp.So I want to use hot deployment in websphere so that i need not to restart my server when i am making changes in backhand. I deploy my .ear package which include only fronthand part(included in installedapps folder). How can I do hot deployment for backhand which is in .jar file.
Please help....

fronthand and backhand are terms in some sport maybe, certainly not in the world of computing.

IF you can do what you want to and hotdeploy just a jar, the documentation for your version of websphere will tell you how to do it.
BUT it is highly unlikely you can do that.

It's also not generally recommended to use hotdeploy at all. Too many things can go wrong.
Better have a clustered environment and restart the servers one at a time so the cluster will always be available (well, almost, sometimes you might create something that requires the entire cluster to go down for a restart, but that's not that common).