Well then color me confused. I still don't know quite what you're asking for.


public: System::Void CertemD(){
MyDouble t1=0.0;
MyDouble t2=0.0;
MyDouble t4=0.0;
DataRow^ dr = Ardic2DataSet->Tables[0]->NewRow(); 

I feel myself guilty of not being able to tell what I want. The deep inside float,binary, way of storing data in some different styles are beyond my interest why I touched them is just to be able to OWN a MyDouble THING with rounded off to two decimals right to the decimal point. I am using Microsoft's V.S. Express edition and my program is a windows form program. To make it clear: to the least I can use Math::Round but as I said previously in this post I wanted the MyDouble THING not only as a toy but for the sake of simplicity !? and some other things... Finally although it didn't solve my problem ~s.o.s~'s dummy with a touch of Ancient Dragon's was the most helpful one. The rest contributed to my knowledge thank you all. This doesn't mean i give up searching if anybody has anything it will be welcomed.

Don't try to manually color the code which you post. Just put the code in code tags and it would be displayed accordingly.

No attempt to color the code saw it in the preview screen it looked wrong and i deleted some part so correct the preview or me

no idea pls

Can you tell me the brief defination of variable.
and difference between variable & constant.

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