Hello everyone,

I am a newbie with millions of questions and not many answers! I am not even sure if C# is the right way to go about it. I just came to the conclusion that I should use C# to do what it is that I am planning to do after spending few days of searching on internet. So, please feel free to let me know if you believe I am on the WRONG track.

Here is the project that I am planning to do and my question is if C# is the right approach.

I wish to develop an application which can be downloaded from WEB to user's PC (With the KNowledge of the users) and then it creates some soft of interaction with the hardware device of the user's computer. I basically wish to know when the CD player has been activated, paused, stopped, and etc… Mainly event handling information… and Finally send these information back to the WEB site. All is done with the full knowledge of the user.

I hope I managed to make sense out my nonsense project. he hehe hehehe



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