Hi all,

I need to set some values on web page using perl. but the web page is created in jsp. for setting the values i need to click on a gif image which has got HREF to one javascript api. i need to invoke this from perl for setting those values. can anyone help me out of this problem..


No. You seem to be combining too manythings in too many places, and in improper manners at that. Rather than stating what technology you want to use to accomplish what, simply

1. describe what you currently have (in some detail)
2. describe what you want to achieve (in some detail)
3. extraneous requirements/restrictions on your possibilities (i.e. must be implemented using blah blah blah)

Once you have done these three things coherently, you may have found that you have come up with a possible way of solving it yourself, if not we may give you a few suggestions.

What we will not do, is attempt to do it for you. In other words, as so many people are fond of saying, we won't "give you the codes".