Hi I just started a new website kind of lame but that will be picked up soon.Ok here is the question did not know where to post it so I am posting it here.It is this:
I am trying to make a users immmm how to called it comment box.You write your comment and by using java script it will send the written stuff to a text file (which is on the server side).I would be very happy if you helped.I have some ideas like using frames but I just can't get the things written in the text area in to the text file (notepad).Ah yeah I forgot my site is www.johnroach.edu.tc

Come back in 2 weeks and I may give an answer.

P.S. Java != JavaScript

As far as I know, Javascript is a CLIENT side scripting language. You Can Not (in any way that I am aware of) use it to store things on the server side. If you want to do that, you might want to look into CGI, or PHP (or ASP).

Thanks very much.Dang it so I can not read the comments of the visitors.Himmm...Do you know a place where I could get an asp code snippet for such a thing I know nothing on asp.

Well, there are alternatives. You could use ASP, or PHP. I can code you a CGI that does it easily. You could use the javascript to open a mail window with their default mail client, with the information set up in the body of the e-mail (this is, however, frowned upon, as not all people actually use mail clients in favor of webmail).

Yeah I know about that I get little edgy when the outlook I never use opens up.What does CGI stand for never heard of it.Can it be used in any server?Or does it need special servers like JSP?Thanks again

Well, CGI stands for "common gateway interface". Most of the time, when people refer to it, it is regarding the "Perl" programming language. This doesn't have to be the case... however. A Bash Script, or C program can be a CGI. A CGI is namely just a program that the web server runs, and then the program spits out web page information to the surfer. It can do a number of things, however. Such as sending you e-mail, saving log files.... etc, etc. ASP is the same thing, only it uses a visual basic type of syntax to do it's thing. Ask your ISP (or whoever your web page is being hosted by) what type of server side scripting they have available. They may give you a huge list, or they may say "oh, we just have PHP." Either way, we can give you a hand here at Daniweb.

I am a domaindlx user.So it says CGi ,Perl,PHP3 or Coldfusion is not allowed.They say that they are asp lovers :).But thats it my friend just told me no jsp either.Think thats what you get when the server is free.Thanks again but what is your advice now?

Do it in ASP. There are certainly free ASP's on the web that can do what you want. You want them to be able to enter certain information (survey questions or whatever) and have them e-mailed to you? Or have them saved in a log file? ASP can do that, and there are hundreds of examples and free ASP scripts if you google it.

Actually I wanted them to be in a txt file that is stored on the server.Under which keywords should I google such a snippet .don't know anything on asp do they have a reserved code word for such a task?Thanks Again

Thanks man
Don't know how to thank you.Need anything?:)