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Is it possible to put a datepicker within a datagrid?. Can somebody show me the code pls.

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Here is an example of what you are looking for. This can be easily changed so other controls can be used.


Good Job pG.



Good Job pG.


Is there any way to change datepicker format mat to 24Hrs and HH:MM. pls help me.

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In form view, select control. GoTo controls Properties window. Click on ... (Custom). Set Format to 3 - dtpCustom. Then in CustomFormat enter HH:mm .

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I tried this but when running it is comming like hh:mm:ss.
Is there any way to change 24Hrs format.

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Okay, in post #5 you wanted to change the format to the 24 hr format. If this is still correct then you what I previously told you is correct, but, you cannot access it via the DTP.Value. You need to use something like...

MsgBox DTP.Hour & ":" & DTP.Minute

Good Luck

Hello There!

I am using DTPicker to input a desired date. what i want is to separate the values of the month, date and year of the value of the DTPicker to three separate textboxes.

for example, February 26, 2011

text1.text should have the value of the month
text2.text should have the value of the date
text3.text should have the value of the year

anyone are free to post their reply on here. Help is very much appreciated. thanks...

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