Hi this is my first paste...
http://paste.plone.org/12700 [Contains my input.xml and transform.xslt and output file it generated.
http://paste.plone.org/12706 .. this contains my new input.xml file..
And in here, all the Activitiy's tag attributes are being rewritten as children.
And here is the xslt which i tried to write and failed...

Primarily the main difference, was that in 12700 i was using Activity@routeattri as the key and used it to do the separtion..
But I wanna change it to Activity/routetag as the key now and do the same..

I think the change shld be little but I jez cant seem to figure it out..

Thanks for any help rendered.

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Hi, let me rephrase the question to make it more comprehendable.

Initially, I had input file with this format.
<Activity routeattr="4ID">
but later I had changed it to
The XSLT has to slightly tinkered to allow this modification.

This paste contains Orginal input.xml, transform.xsl and output.xml file

The modiifcation as I mentioned above is that Activity's attribute is swapped to become the Activity's Child.
In this below paste, I have given the new input.xml, transform.xsl( I have highlighted the changes with "CHANGE HERE" comments) and the output.xml file which

As you can see, the output inside the <route> in the output.xml is different in the 2 output.xml files.
Instead of
I gotten this instead

I hope I have tried my best to clarify my problem as much as I can.
Thanks for any help.



Just Changing to Solution Icon...
Solution is in the above thread.

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