Hi Guys...

I'm having problem with XML transformation. I have this code where I click a link that will open a new window that is referenced to XML. It works fine in IE but in Firefox, a new window is opened and the contents are not displayed.

Here's a code snippet:

if (window.ActiveXObject) //code for IE
        xslDoc=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");

//code for Mozilla, Firefox
else (document.implementation && document.implementation.createDocument)

function transformxsl()
    [COLOR="red"]var OpsDocStr = xmlDoc.transformNode (xslDoc)[/COLOR]
    document.getElementById("it").innerHTML = OpsDocStr //xmlDoc.transformNode (xslDoc)

The line in red is where the error is:

xmlDoc.transformNode is not a function

Can anyone help me???

Will really appreciate it. Thanks.

First of all, your code does not show where you initialized xmlDoc. I see xslDoc, but not xmlDoc. I assume this happens before the posted code.

With the assumptions above, the method "transformNode" is only valid for
xml objects created specifically for IE. In your code, this would be:
xslDoc=new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM");

However, the reason you get the error is because xmlDoc is not an ActiveXObject('Microsoft.XMLDOM'). FF does not support such object. It has its own object with its own methods.

The following page might be instructive if you want to pursue this route. Meaning, if you want to write your own "library". Section 8.13 uses the transformNode and shows you how to do the same for FF.

However, my recommendation is for you to download the Sarissa library. Basically, it is a library that takes care of these browser incompatibilities. Thus, you don't need to remember/learn the IE syntax and Firefox Syntax or whatever other browser syntax. You just need to learn the sarissa functions and how to use them to perform your transformations. Most often than not, once your script works on one browser, it automatically works on the others! I cannot stress enough how much of a head ache you will avoid by pursing this route instead. Good Luck.