Not sure if anyone can help i am trying to be able to send/receive SMS message via my Sony Ericsson K700i from a PC automatically rather than using a Specific Application. Can someone supply me with some example code to be able to achieve this. I have tried searching for example code but keep being given the wrong code. Many thanks.

are you asking for a program that will send out spam text messages ? If so I doubt you will find it on DaniWeb.

Hi there, no it is nothing like that, I posted this for a friend as he cannot get on your site from work and has no home internet, he works in a store room and from what he told me he requires code for his VB program can receive text messages and based on the content it will reply either giving an address or whether a part is in stock, he just requires the VB code for this if there is anything, if you require more specific details I will speak to him and find out.

I do know that he can get software for this but it is something he would prefer to write himself.

do you have any sample codes in order to send a message from a cp using the java program?

You need to connect to SMS gateway for all that. Contact your Service provider.

Go to www. clickatell.co.za. After downloading the code and support files you only have 5 FREE sms's to send. After that you need to purchase more. This includes a few language option, i.e. VB6, .net, delphi etc.

I want to make a software to send msg from my vb application. but I do not get the right code. please give the exact code.......

Why on earth would you HIJACK someone elses post and that old? Please post your own question and we will gladly help.

Apart from that, the answer is above in the previous - Clickatell.co.za or any other gateway suppliers.

ypu must install ut mobile dirver and make modem
then with mscomm you can connect with ur mobile
and use at commands to handle that
or use some gsm send & recive control to use.
like kylixsoft.com

you must have a GSM MODEM and you should know AT Commands for it to function. GSM Modem must also have a SIM Card so you can use it.

how can i use start with vb6.0 for new sms based application via gsm mobile technology
from pc to mobile (send == Receieve) systems.

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