Could someone please give me examples of a full GUI code.. Where I can find it to be precise.. Like images of it along with the java source code..thank you

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because then you never learn to do it yourself, let alone do it properly.

I agree but sometimes GUI builders are needed. For massive projects where time is a big constraint. No one would want to code every button position, combobox, tab control etc from scratch?


In fact most real projects DO code a lot of Swing code by hand, simply because most GUI builders produce such terrible results or results that aren't portable between environments (they put in their own classes which people on the team using other tools won't have, and sometimes are stupidly disallowed from distribution with the application).

And of course, if you don't learn how to do things, you never learn.
OP wants to learn how to write Swing code, but all you tell him is not to bother and use a graphical tool to plug things together.


>In fact most real projects DO code a lot of Swing code by hand

Eww, that's yucky. Yay for visual studio.:cheesy:


Hmm, the strength of visual studio is that they've made the GUI builder an integral part of the IDE. I have always assumed large scale projects made use of all these features.

Shouldn't they?

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